Community Informed at Social/Emotional Skills & Support Session

Over 70 community members that represented a variety of sectors across the community gathered on Tuesday, March 21 at St. Cloud State University to learn more about the social/emotional skills and support of students in the greater St. Cloud community.  Dr. Michael Rodriguez presented current information from the Minnesota Student Survey, which provides information on the developmental skills and supports of Minnesota youth. A 2016 profile of Minnesota youth tells a story of developmental skills and supports across racial and ethnic communities, indicating that diverse youth have the social and emotional capacity to succeed. Educators and community leaders appreciated a fresh look at the information and utility of the data.  Over 90% of the participants felt the information and insights shared were important and useful.  

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Dr. Rodriguez shared a new profile of youth developmental skills and supports which allow school districts and youth-supporting agencies to create a new model to help all youth overcome persistent challenges. The profiles of developmental skills (commitment to learning, positive identity, social competence), developmental supports (empowerment, teacher/school support, family/community support), and developmental challenges (bullying, mental distress, family violence) were discussed. The discussion and information also focused on the profiles as they differ among students from different racial (White, Black, Asian, American Indian) and ethnic (Latino, Somali, Hmong) communities, across grades 5, 8, 9, and 11, and special education and free/reduced lunch status. These profiles relate to other important outcomes including achievement based on grades, after-school activity participation, post-high school goals, and employment.

Rodriguez is a professor of quantitative methods in education with a focus on educational measurement and assessment. As the Campbell Leadership Chair, he is also the co-director of the Educational Equity Resource Center, providing leadership at the University in its interdisciplinary work addressing educational equity and achievement gaps. His research team, the Minnesota Youth Development Research Group, has conducted research on the Minnesota Student Survey for over 10 years, resulting in more than 20 national presentations on this work.

The links bleow provide access to a video of the presentation along with state-level data and data that combines information for three school districts:  St. Cloud Area School District, Sauk Rapids-Rice School District and the Sartell-St. Stephen School District.

Link to video

Link to state-level data

Link to local data


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